What to Wear With Leather Pants - 18 Outfits Ideas

By: Sarah Hodges.

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- 5 min read

If you are a leather pants lover, you will love the outfit ideas I will show you to get inspired and look awesome. 

Leather pants are basic and versatile garments that you can wear all year round. That’s why they are a must-have, a basic item clothes that you should have in your wardrobe.

Below you will see 18 outfits ideas with leather pants to look stunning.

Take a look and get inspired!

Leather Jacket


Do you want to look sensational? Go for all leather! The leather jacket is a classic and a basic that everyone should have, and of course wearing it with leather pants looks great and super cool.

Neck-Tie Blouse


If you have an important event, this option is perfect: it’s a simple look with basic garments but with the necessary touch of elegance and delicacy. 

This neck-tie blouse is beautiful and you will look amazing. As you can see in the image, add a cute purse and high-heeled sandals.

Plaid Jacket


The plaid jacket I have shown in several articles because there’s no doubt that it’s versatile and you can wear it in many outfits. 

Combining it with leather pants is an excellent choice, and you can also wear it with boots or sneakers.

Drop Shoulder Sweater


This sweater is a beauty and the dropped shoulders give it a touch of elegance. 

Also, the color is combinable with leather pants of any color: white, black, green, and others. 

And obviously, this sweater can be used on several occasions and with other types of pants.

Red Cardigan


If you like to wear intense colors, this cardigan is for you. In addition to its vibrant color, it’s a classic and will solve several outfits. 

As you can see, it looks amazing with leather pants. Go for the color of passion!

Long Sleeve Bodysuit


Bodysuits are very comfortable garments, and nowadays they’re trendy. 

There are many types but this one is very basic and classic to wear every day with your leather pants or jeans. I assure you that bodysuits are a good investment!

Turtleneck Crop Top


And of course, you can’t miss the crop top that is also a trend.

This garment looks good with everything and with leather pants you can create a trendy and comfy look. Go for a crop top and you will be amazing!

Snake Print Shirt


Do you want to wear a delicate shirt but not a classic white shirt? You can opt for this snake print shirt.

You will look very pretty if you combine it with leather pants. Also, the bow detail on the collar gives an original touch to your look.

Oversized Woolen Blazer


Another option that I always mention is the blazer because it’s a must-have that everyone should have, at least one or two in combinable colors, like this oversized woolen blazer.

Match it with your leather pants and you will look beautiful and fashionable!

Striped Shirt


Do you want a relaxed and trendy look? This outfit with striped shirt and leather pants is just what you are looking for.

This shirt is a basic clothing item in your closet with which you can create many cool outfits!

Ribbed Jersey Vest


The vest is trendy and is one of the most chosen garments because it’s timeless and versatile: you can wear it in winter with leather pants and a shirt underneath, and also in summer, with a sleeveless shirt and skirt, for example.

Go for it, you won’t regret it!

Sweater With Patch Pocket


A classic sweater or hoodie that you can combine in many ways and create several cool outfits: a good option is to match it with leather pants. You will have a comfy, relaxed and chic look!

Single-breasted Blazer


This is another type of blazer that looks perfect with leather pants. 

With brown pants like the one in the picture, you will have an original and harmonious outfit. Go for this blazer, the color is a fire!

Leopard Print Shirt


This shirt is a good choice if you are bored of classic clothes or want to look different for an important event.

The combination leopard print with leather pants is stunning. A look with guaranteed success!

Cropped Tank Top


The cropped top is a basic item in our closet and is ideal to wear on hot days.

Combine it with a pair of leather pants, and as you can see, you will be beautiful and fashionable. For added detail, wear it with a cute necklace.

Silver Sequin Bodysuit


Another type of bodysuit: more delicate and sensual to wear if you have an important party and you don’t know what to wear or you don’t want to wear a dress or skirt.

Go for your leather pants, this silver sequin bodysuit, sandals and you will be very sexy!

Cotton Polo Shirt


You can choose this outfit if you want to create a casual and urban look but with a more delicate garment. In this case, a cotton polo shirt works well and you will be so cute!

Sleeveless Shirt


An ideal look to go to the office on spring or summer days: a sleeveless shirt and leather pants. 

An outfit that doesn’t fail and with which you will look nice, comfortable, and stylish. You can add some accessories as details.

To Wrap Up

There is no doubt that leather pants are a cute, stylish, comfortable, and versatile basic item that we can wear on, many occasions. You can match them with a basic cotton t-shirt or sleeveless t-shirt, and also with a delicate top or blouse to attend an important event and look more elegant.

For you to be inspired and creative, mix and match styles, textures, and add cute accessories and complements.

Take your leather pants out of the closet and create cool and elegant outfits with these ideas that I just showed you and enjoy them!