16 Shirts to Wear With Leggings

By: Sarah Hodges.

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- 5 min read

Do you have leggings in your closet and you don’t know how to combine them? If the answer is yes, this article is for you. 

They are very versatile and a must-have that you can’t miss because you can wear them for different occasions and events, formal or casual. Maybe you imagine that you can use leggings only with basic and cotton shirts but below you will see 16 options of best shirts and cute tops with leggings.

Take a look and get inspired!

Long Sleeve White Shirt


If you have a classic style this is an excellent option. Wearing leggings with a long sleeve shirt solves the look of the day, achieving a relaxed, modern, and casual outfit! This is an ideal look for an afternoon walk when you want to be comfortable.

Silver Strapless Top


Do you have an evening party and don’t know what to wear? Leggings are a basic that can not miss in your closet, just add a sexy and delicate top. With this look, I assure you that you will be amazing! Don’t forget to add some accessories or complements like some nice shoes and earrings.

Blouse with Wide Sleeves


This is another more delicate and formal option for an important event and besides this kind of blouse is trendy. If you get an all-black look, don’t forget to add some colored accessories to get contrast and look great, for example, a red or green bag, like you see in this picture.

Sensual Bodysuit


This bodysuit is so sexy! and this is great to wear with leggings. Don’t think that wearing leggings is only for casual looks because you can wear them with a sexy top and look wonderful. That’s why leggings are so versatile, you can use them in many looks for different events.

Oversized Shirt


The combination of two basic, classic, and essential clothes in your closet: black leggings and an oversized shirt. This look is ideal for any moment: going out with friends, going to the office or going to a birthday party and also you can add to these look sneakers or formal shoes.

Cotton t-shirt with Short Sleeves


This look is classic but lately, it is trendy to wear cotton t-shirts with prints. The combination of leggings and cotton shirts get a very relaxed and chic outfit. If you want to be very comfortable wear it with sneakers but another option can be boots or shoes.

Plaid Shirt


Surely most of you have in your closet a plaid shirt, it is a classic that has always been trendy. It is a great option if you want to get a chic look with the combination of this shirt with black leggings: Add some cool sneakers and you will get a relaxed and comfortable look to enjoy the day.

Basic White Shirt


If you like neutral colors, this shirt is for you and it is another great option that you can get by wearing leggings and classic clothes like the white shirt. The shirt can be tight, oversize or any style you like. You can also use some accessories or complements to get a cool look.

Satin Tie Top


You will be stunning with this satin top and your leggings. It’s an amazing outfit for an important event. Remember that if the top is shiny, you must be careful with the accessories and complements because the idea is to show off this cute top.

White Shirt with Details


A similar style to the previous looks but more formal, ideal for a more important event or to go to the office. A blank and white look never fails, it is a great option for any occasion but the key is to know what accessories you should add.

Blouse with Sequins


This blouse is so beautiful, delicate and a great choice to look attractive and gorgeous. If you don’t have a classic style go for this blouse. 

Try not to use colorful or big accessories because the sequins are the protagonists of the look. 

Black Top with Neck


You can combine this cute top with leggings and get an all-black look. With the beautiful details on the neckline, you can get a  delicate and chic style. You can also choose to wear leggings in other colors and get a contrast. This top is a great option to go to an important event or party.

Blouse with Transparency


This blouse is ideal for both winter and summer looks. Leggins and blouse with transparency is a great combination to look amazing and get a delicate and feminine style. You can also wear it with a blazer or jean jacket for a formal or casual outfit.

Short and Low-cut Top


If your style is sexy chic this look is for you. Dare to wear this fantastic sensual top and you will be amazing! You can use accessories, a blazer of any color, and heels to look stunning and sexy.

Woven Shirt


This shirt is more comfortable to wear in winter. It is a good choice if you like to wear tight clothes and you can also add some accessories like earrings and a necklace, and sneakers or boots as complements.

Metallic Bodysuit


If you wear this sexy bodysuit there is no doubt that you will look stunning, sensual and you will shine all night!

Go and combine leggings with this metallic bodysuit and other accessories to get a chic look.

To Wrap Up

As you can see you have many ways to combine shirts with leggings. No matter what style you have, you will always find ideal outfits with leggings for you. You can choose classic shirts or neutral colors to wear during the day, and also with the same leggings, you can look stunning at night with a blouse with a neckline or glitter.  Keep in mind to always add some accessories and complements.

For all those reasons you should take your leggings out of the closet, cheer up and get many looks for your days and nights!