15 Outfits With Grey Sweatpants to Look Fantastic

By: Sarah Hodges.

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- 4 min read

Sweatpants used to be considered sportswear, or for being at home, because of their comfort. But nowadays they are trendy because you can wear them also for other occasions, such as attending a casual event, a concert, traveling, and even for casual days at the office.

For this reason, you need to know what outfits you can create with sweatpants, how to combine them and how to mix styles to look amazing!

Take a look at these 15 outfits with grey sweatpants that I show you below!

Nude Sleeveless Shirt  + White Sneakers


A great option if you want to create a comfortable and chic outfit. The combination of sweatpants, T-shirts, and white sneakers never fails and is ideal for travel or for a relaxed outing.

Black Blazer + Sandals With Straps


Go ahead and mix styles and choose an outfit like this: Blazer, sweatpants, and sandals. 

Maybe you didn’t know that a blazer looks good with sweatpants? Well, yes! This look is fire and super cool!

Coat + Loafers


A comfy and trendy look. If you don’t want to think so much about what to wear in the mornings, go for basic garments, like sweatpants and a basic t-shirt, but give it a touch of elegance with a pair of loafers and a nice coat. 

You will be beautiful and with a classic style!

Black Sleeveless Shirt + White Sneakers


Of course, if we talk about sweatpants, you can’t miss this look with basic clothing items: A black sleeveless shirt and white sneakers. 

This is a comfortable and classic outfit. Choose this look and you will have a comfy and sporty style.

Basic White T-shirt + Pvc Sandals


This is an original and chic combination. How about wearing sweatpants with Pvc sandals?

 If you like to mix styles and textures, this option is for you. You will be able to create an eye-catching and trendy look!

Grey Sweatshirt


The monochromatic look is trendy, and the truth is that it looks great! And it applies to all styles, like this one. 

Sweatshirt and sweatpants in the same color are a fantastic outfit, comfortable and cool. You can also use these two garments separately to create other outfits.

Floral Shirt + Pink Sandals


Nowadays fashion isn’t as structured as it used to be and this is a clear example: sweatpants and sandals, who would have imagined it, right? It looks fantastic! 

This outfit with pink sandals and a floral shirt is so cool!

Black Leather Shirt


Leather shirts and jackets are basic garments that can’t be missing in your closet, they solve an outfit when you don’t know what to wear. 

And it looks great with sweatpants! You can create a cozy and trendy style!

Cropped Shirt + White Sandals


Cropped tops and shirts are trendy, so why not wear them with sweatpants? The combination is very original and allows you to create a cool and stylish outfit. Mix textures and styles, you will feel fantastic.

Oversized Hoodie


A hoodie is another basic clothing item that looks perfect with sweatpants. If you are looking for comfort, with this outfit you will look cute and have a cozy and relaxed style.

Grey Coat + Black Boots


On the cold days, you can create a comfy and cute outfit, combining sweatpants with a grey coat and a pair of classic black boots, which never fail and look perfect with everything.

You can be beautiful even in winter!

Ruffle Top + Chelsea Boots


This outfit has personality, with a mix of formal and casual styles. If you want to be original and chic for any occasion, this look may interest you. 

You will be the look of everyone!

Grey Blazer + Brown Sleeveless Shirt 


Another great option with basic garments: blazer and sleeveless shirt, and in colors that look nice with everything.

Go for this outfit, it’s perfect, comfortable, and cute!

Cashmere Hoodie + Leather Slides


If you are looking for comfort and simplicity, this outfit is perfect for you. If you have a classic style and you like to combine basic clothing items, you have to choose this look!

Wool Leather + Slippers


With these basic items, you can create an almost all-black outfit and you will look great and also, the slippers are so cool that they give the touch of elegance you need in your outfit.

To Wrap Up

As you saw there are many ways to combine and wear sweatpants, and I insist again telling you to mix styles and textures to create super chic, original, and very trendy outfits.

But of course, there are also options for those who are more classic. That’s the beauty of sweatpants: it’s very versatile and comfortable garment that adapts to many occasions. 

There are many styles of sweatpants but try a grey one to go little by little and play with the outfits you can create!