What to Wear With Plaid Pants - 16 Outfits Ideas

By: Sarah Hodges.

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- 5 min read

These pants are classic for many years and you can create many outfits with them: to go to the office as well as to go out for a walk and have an urban style.

But you may find it difficult to get a combination because of its plaid pattern. If this is happening to you, this article is for you.

I’m going to show you how easy it’s to put together a cool outfit with your pair of plaid pants and you’ll be inspired!

Check out these 16 ideas of what to wear with plaid pants!

Vest Top


This vest top is an original and versatile garment that you can wear on many occasions, and it looks great with plaid pants.

You can wear it as you see it in the picture or with a t-shirt or shirt underneath and you will look very elegant.

Plaid Blazer


Go ahead and use the same print in all your outfit, you will look very cool!

And of course, you can use each garment separately in other outfits, for example with jeans, skirt, jean shirt, among others.

Black Blazer


You can miss a black blazer among the options: it is one of the most versatile and timeless garments. And with plaid pants, it looks perfect!

If you don’t have one yet, go for it! Also, an outfit with a blazer ensures a delicate and elegant style.

Oversized Boyfriend Shirt


Another option very similar to the one mentioned above: use the same plaid print on the top, but this time it’s a shirt. 

If you want to have a trendy, modern, and relaxed outfit, this look is a great choice!

Cotton Shirt


If you have a classic style and you like sober colors, this pastel cotton shirt is ideal to wear with your pair of plaid pants.

A classic, simple, delicate outfit that you can wear for many occasions.

Trench Coat


How cute a trench coat looks! A must-have in your closet that you will wear all year long. 

Of course, you can wear it with plaid pants and with any other outfit. It is a basic item and a great ally.

Knitted Vest


If you want to add delicacy to your outfit with plaid pants, this knitted vest won’t fail as a delicate and original garment that you can also use in other looks.

You will look beautiful and elegant.

Print Sweatshirt


If you like to put together flashy and colorful outfits, you have to go for this print sweatshirt. 

You’ll have an urban, relaxed, original look and you’ll get everyone’s attention!

You can mix textures and play with prints. Go for it!

Cropped Top


This look is very sensual, original, and eye-catching. If you are looking to be sexy and wear vibrant colors, this cropped top looks amazing with the pants in the same print.

You will create a trendy outfit and you will be beautiful.

Print T-shirt


Urban and relaxed look, ideal for going out with friends and strolling in the afternoon. 

A print t-shirt is a basic that you can always use for many occasions and will allow you to create many outfits.  And with plaid pants, it’s a perfect match!

Plaid Top


As you can see, there are many options to put together outfits with the same plaid print and they all look amazing!

This outfit is summery, trendy, and very cool! If you like the colors, go for it!

Long Sleeves Top


This long sleeves top is a basic and versatile garment: it goes well with everything: with jeans, skirts, and being black it is very easy to combine with plaid pants. If you like classic looks, it’s perfect for you.

White Shirt


I have already mentioned in other articles that a white shirt is a must-have, a basic item that can’t be missing in your closet because it is your ally to create many delicate and chic outfits. 

And look how good it looks with plaid pants!

Knitted Cardigan


Another great option for the more classic ones: this knitted cardigan is so cute and delicate.

It goes perfectly with a pair of plaid pants. It’s a great option for the office, and the color is a beauty! 

Shell Coat


Are you looking for a coat that you can wear during the colder months? Check out this shell coat! Versatile and fashionable, you can wear it with many outfits.

Plaid pants and this coat: guaranteed success!

Oversized T-shirt


This oversized black t-shirt with print will solve a lot of cool and comfortable outfits.

If you want to look cool, go for it!  You can add some accessories to give it a touch of originality and you will be amazing!

To Wrap Up

As you can see, there are many options to create beautiful and trendy outfits with your plaid pants. It’s just a matter of getting inspired! 

You can combine plaid pants in many ways and for different occasions: Go ahead and mix textures and styles.

But there are also cool ideas for the more classic ones! Don’t forget that you can always add accessories and complements to give more harmony and style to your outfit.

I hope you take the plaid pants out of your closet and start putting together amazing outfits!