What to Wear With Green Pants - 15 Ideas

By: Sarah Hodges.

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- 4 min read

Do you have a pair of green pants in your closet that you never choose because you have no idea how to wear them?

Luckily, I will show you that it’s very easy to create cool outfits and look fashionable with your green pants and the options you will see below.

Check out these 15 amazing ideas of what to wear with green pants: blouses, tops, bodysuits, blazers, cardigans, and shirts for all styles!

Green Shirt


Can’t you imagine wearing a monochromatic outfit? Look at this look! Today is trendy to combine the same color in both the top and bottom of the outfit.

It looks very nice and you can always add a complement or accessory of another color to achieve contrast.

Black Bodysuit


I have already mentioned in previous articles that the bodysuit is very comfortable and practical. It’s very versatile, you can wear it with everything and in this case, with green pants, it looks sensational. This bodysuit with long sleeves is a basic clothing item.

Black Sleeveless Crop Top


A basic black crop top that looks fantastic with your green high-rise pants. This outfit slims the silhouette and you can wear it with sandals as you can see in this image, and add a delicate jacket as well. Or you can wear it with sneakers for a more relaxed look!

White Crop Top With Front Button


There is no doubt that the white color never fails in any outfit and with green pants, it looks great. This crop top is ideal if you want to have a delicate and original look. 

You can add a denim jacket to make it more relaxed or a blazer for a more formal event.

Black Blazer


I have to mention a black blazer among these options with green pants. It’s a basic clothing item that can’t miss in your closet. It’s very versatile and timeless and for these reasons I recommend you to get one!

Ecru Cardigan


The ecru cardigan combined with any color, it’s basic, simple, and looks great with green pants. If your style is classic, try this outfit with this amazing cardigan and you will be beautiful!


Knitted Vest


The vest is another clothing item that is trendy again, and this one, in particular, is very original, colorful, and makes a harmonious look with green pants.

You can wear it as you see in the photo or with a white shirt or t-shirt below and you will look fantastic. Go for this mix of colors!

Coral Blouse


The combination of coral and green looks nice, don’t hesitate to create an outfit like this with your green pants. This blouse is ideal because it’s simple, delicate and you can wear it both to go to the office and to go out for a walk.

Ruffle Sleeveless Blouse


This outfit is a good choice to show off your green pants. With this ruffle sleeveless blouse, you will look comfortable, fresh, and with a classic style. 

Wide-sleeved Cropped Shirt


The white shirt is another basic clothing item, and this wide-sleeved shirt is amazing. You can have a fashionable look wearing this shirt. Go for the wide sleeves, it gives personality to your outfit!

Lace Sleeveless Bodysuit


A super sexy outfit! If you dare to wear lace clothes, this lace sleeveless bodysuit is for you! It’s ideal if you have a pair of green pants and you don’t know how to wear them for an important occasion or if you want to look radiant and sensual.

Beige Crop Top


Don’t know how to combine green pants to look amazing and delicate? This crop top is a great choice. You will look sexy and you will be the look of everyone!

Green Cardigan With Wide Sleeves


You can have a great monochromatic outfit with this cardigan. Also, the wide sleeves add personality and style to your look. Go for a single color!

White Cotton Shirt


A basic clothing item. You can wear this shirt in its common version, closed and buttoned, or you can have a more modern and relaxed style, wearing your green pants with a basic or printed t-shirt under this white shirt.

Denim Vest


As I said before, the vest is back and denim never goes out of style. It’s versatile and timeless, so what are you waiting for to wear your green pants with this denim vest?

You’ll look awesome, trendy, and fashionable!

To Wrap Up

After reading this article and seeing all the great ideas to wear with green pants, you will surely be inspired and eager to wear them!

Whatever style you have, you can wear green pants in different ways and for different occasions or events. With the same green pants, you can create a classic, simple and relaxed look, as well as a sensual and elegant one.

These options prove that it’s not difficult to create outfits with green pants, and also, you can find the style you are looking for!