What to Wear With Brown Pants - 15 Outfits Ideas

By: Sarah Hodges.

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- 5 min read

Having a pair of brown pants is a great choice because you can create many outfits and combine them with different colors.

If you only use to wear black or white pants, or you have a brown one in your closet but you can’t think how to combine them, this article is perfect for you.

I’m going to show you 15 outfits ideas of what to wear with brown pants and look stylish!

You will see all the looks you can create!

Long Sleeve Blouse


You can combine your brown pants with this blouse with an original print and vibrant colors, which makes a good contrast and will give brightness to your outfit.

Add some nice nude or brown sandals and you will be amazing!

Sleeve Scoop Neck Shirt


This shirt is so cute and with the scoop neck, you will look more sensual. You can add a gold necklace to match your brown pants.

It’s a classic outfit that never fails and you will be beautiful.

Brown Jacket


Go for the monochromatic look, it’s trendy and also when you use all the same colors it stylizes the silhouette.

This brown jacket is fashionable and versatile, ideal to use in many outfits!

Print Cotton T-shirt


Of course, you can’t miss the classic white cotton t-shirt, which looks well with any garment, but if you combine your brown pants with a printed t-shirt, you will look cool, modern and you will have a beautiful urban look!

Turtleneck Sweater


If you like to wear clothes with vibrant colors, this sweater is perfect for you and the colors match perfectly with brown pants and create a harmonious contrast.

You will have a chic and modern look!

Black Cotton T-shirt


You can’t miss the black t-shirt that looks great with brown pants. The black and brown combination is ideal if you like to wear neutral colors. 

You will have an elegant and classic outfit for any occasion.

White Long-sleeve Bodysuit


I usually mention the bodysuit in all or almost all the articles because it’s very versatile and you can use it in many outfits!

 And this white bodysuit is a classic that you can wear with brown pants, with jeans and even with a skirt. It’s so comfortable and cute!

Floral Cotton Blouse


This look is for you if you like floral prints. This blouse combines very well with brown pants.

Also, the wide sleeves and ruffled detail gives a lot of elegance to your outfit, which you can wear to go to the office or to go for a drink!

Oversized Jacket


The print is original and has personality. You can wear it as in the picture, and create a monochromatic outfit or with plain brown pants, which combine perfectly.

You can also add a white t-shirt instead of black, to create more contrast. Either way, you will look amazing.

Green Print Blouse


Do you want an original outfit with brown pants? Go for this green print blouse. Besides being beautiful, the green color and its print look amazing with the brown color.

Go for this option!

Denim Jacket


I dare to say that we all love the denim jacket. It’s a basic clothing item that we should have and that always helps us to complete any outfit.

The combination of light blue and brown looks amazing, and with this jacket, you will have a trendy and urban look!

Knitted Top


Yellow goes perfectly with brown, that’s why this top looks great with brown pants.

You can add some gold accessories to give elegance to your outfit.  Go for these colors and you will be stunning!

Black Blazer


We already know that the black blazer is a must-have and it goes with everything and the brown pants are no exception. 

As I mentioned before, the combination of black and brown is elegant and you will look amazing. If you don’t have a black blazer yet, go for it!

Cashmere Cardigan


This look is another proof that combining black and brown never fails. You can create an outfit with brown pants and this cardigan if you are looking for a classic and comfortable look.

This cardigan is a great investment because you can use it in several outfits, not only with brown pants.

Striped Blouse


This striped blouse has colors that combine very well with brown pants, so it’s a good choice if you like to create colorful and not-so sober outfits.

Go ahead and combine your brown pants with various colors, it looks amazing and give originality to your look!

To Wrap Up

After reading this article and seeing all the outfits ideas, surely you are inspired and want to go out in your brown pants.

A good combination of colors can create a stunning outfit, that’s why I always tell you to mix styles, textures, and colors to feel more beautiful, confident, and original.

The brown pants can be used for different occasions depending on how you combine them: with denim garments, silk blouses, cotton t-shirts, among other options.

Go for these looks and you won’t regret it!