Cultivating Elegance with Culottes: A Guide to Stylish Ensembles

By: Sarah Hodges.

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- 3 min read

Culottes have made a surprising and elegant return to the fashion scene, proving that comfort and style can indeed go hand-in-hand. These versatile pieces are a must-have for anyone looking to cultivate a chic wardrobe with a touch of nonchalant grace.


The Rise of Culottes

Culottes originated as a garment for European gentlemen, riding breeches to be exact, but they’ve evolved significantly since then. Today, they are seen on the runways and streets, worn by women who appreciate their blend of sophistication and ease. Their knee or calf-length cut makes them an ideal choice for transitional weather and various occasions.

When styling culottes, the key is to maintain a balanced silhouette. Since culottes are voluminous on the bottom, pairing them with a fitted top or a tailored jacket can create a harmonious look. A tucked-in blouse emphasizes the waist, ensuring the outfit looks intentional and polished.

The Workday Ensemble

For the working professional, culottes offer a fresh alternative to the traditional pencil skirt or slacks. They can be just as formal and much more interesting with the right accessories.


When selecting culottes for work, opt for a neutral color like navy, grey, or black. Pair them with a blazer and a pair of low heels for a look that’s both comfortable and boardroom-appropriate. The belt at the waist will add a touch of sophistication and help define your silhouette, making you look put-together and chic.

Weekend Casual

Culottes are not just for the office; they can be dressed down for a casual weekend vibe. Think of soft fabrics, playful prints, and relaxed fits.


For a laid-back look, pair your culottes with a soft tee and sneakers. Accessorize with a crossbody bag and sunglasses for an effortless weekend outfit that’s perfect for brunch with friends or a stroll through the market. The key is to keep it simple and let the culottes be the focal point of your ensemble.

Evening Chic

Culottes can also transition into the evening. Opt for a pair in a luxe fabric like silk or satin and match them with a delicate camisole or a sophisticated blouse.


To elevate your culottes for a night out, choose a top with interesting details such as lace or sequins. Add a pair of heels to elongate your legs and finish with statement jewelry. The backdrop of the city at night adds to the luxurious feel of your outfit, making you the epitome of evening elegance.

Culottes are a testament to the ever-evolving nature of fashion, where the lines between comfort and style are continually blurred. By incorporating them into your wardrobe, you’re not just embracing a trend; you’re making a statement about the kind of elegance that is both modern and timeless. Whether you’re at work, enjoying the weekend, or out for a glamorous evening, culottes can be your go-to for a look that’s effortlessly chic.